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What is Freedom Outreach International (MTTM)?

What is Jacob's Generation?

What do we do?

Who leads JacobsGen?

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A Snapshot Look at this Ministry

      Freedom Outreach International (FOI), Ministry to the Military (MTTM), has been serving military servicemembers, their families, and those employed by the military since 1961. FOI realizes the unique needs of those called to serve their country on foreign shores. Jacob's Generation (JG), the Children, Youth and Family ministry of FOI, which exists for the purpose of serving children, youth and their parents who have been relocated to Europe and the Far East on US military assignment. These families have left extended family and friends, schools, and the support of their home communities. The children and youth have been cut off from the many social, emotional, practical and spiritual supports and "typical" teenage experiences (such as driving a car or going to summer camp) that they would have had if their families were stationed in the USA.  Compounding the strain of living in a foreign country is the constant deployments of many of their parents.


       JG events help build connections for military teens, their parents, and mentors within their military communities.  This ministry has been led by International Directors, Brian and Jennie Humann, since October 2000. Help us celebrate 23 years of dynamic, worldwide services to our military servicemembers in 2023!



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