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Donate to Sponsor a Child or Teen!

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Giving & Sponsorship Site
This ministry exists by the grace of God poured out  through people and organizations that care about the children, youth and families of the United States Military.

Please consider a financial donation of any size to sponsor a child/teen or support transportation to get youth to ministry events from their military bases around the world.  Many live in remote locations with little to no access to this kind of life-changing ministry.

Each youth needs a sponsor of $300 to offset their costs. Sponsorships also provide financial aid to families in hardship, those with multiple children/youth attending, and keeps the base price of the events as low as possible so that each and every child/teen can attend. 
In 2022, we need 225 sponsorships, for children/youth who are living overseas due to their parent's military assignment, for a total of $67,500.

Our need for transportation to get our students to and from events is in 2022 is $44,000, all of which is fundraised. This provides busses from across Europe to pick up and drop off students at their military bases and airfare assistance for those needing to fly from remote locations, which is the only way they are able participate with their peers. 

Details of any humanitarian project involving vulnerable children/youth are not available publicly. Our goal is to raise $100,000 each year to support the children impacted through war. Please contact JG directors for mor information and to help!

All your donations are tax-deductible as our parent organization, Freedom Outreach International, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For major gifts or questions about giving, please contact JG Directors, Brian and Jennie Humann: (or by phone: 785-200-7066).
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When you give to JacobsGen,  you can feel good about the fact that your gift is

 directly impacting  military children, youth and families around the world.



Donated Funds Provide...

1.  Sponsorships: for individuals and families who could not afford to come to events, to include financial aid and full sponsorships.

2. Transportation: so that all those who wish to attend have the means to get to any event, regardless of how far away they are.  We provide chartered bus transportation from most military installation in Germany, chartered bus transportation for Far East camps, air and train vouchers for youth coming from Spain, Italy, and the UK, and transportation options from the Benelux region;

3. Training: Leadership development events, materials, resources for local volunteer youth leaders.  Our goal is to ensure that each military community has the leadership training and resources they need to provide consistent and effective youth and children's programs;

4. Administrative Support: We need to continue to grow and must raise funds to help provide additional administrative support.

5. Missions Projects for Vulnerable Children: Our goal is to help those we serve and their leaders have service opportunities, such as mission trips to our partner ministries in Angeles City, Philippines and children in Europe effected by war.

6. Resource Development: We are developing programs and curriculums for children, youth, and young adults which will be available free of charge to participating organizations. 

7. Programs and Services for Deployed Families: Through the current crisis in Eastern Europe, many of our students have a parent currently deployed or awaiting deployment orders. Our teams are specifically trained to reach and support children and youth who are coping with these extraordinary challenges. Free counseling services are provided through licensed counselors and unlicensed life coaches for families that require extra support. 

It's easy to make a tax-deductible donation instantly!  You may change the amount in the field to represent any amount you wish to give. You can make this a one-time donation or can set up monthly reoccuring gifts!



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