Frequently Asked Questions

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Is JG the only youth ministry to military youth?

There are other youth ministries which are sponsored by the US Military chapels.  However, what makes JG essential and unique are:

  1. DONOR FUNDED: We are not funded or governed by the government, which keeps our organization free of ever-changing politics. 

  2. CHRISTIAN: Some government-funded programs to youth mix all religious beliefs into one youth group, but JG is committed to Biblical Fidelity as a Christian youth program.

  3. PERSONAL IMPACT: JG is a full gospel youth ministry serving all of Europe and the Far East.  We take great effort to recruit, screen, and train mentors to work with youth in a small group, relational evangelism/discipleship model. We take great care to make room for genuine, individual expression with orderly worship. There is a marked difference in the atmosphere of a JG camp.  The teenagers often report their amazement about how “real” those who work at JG events are, and how they experience the Presence of the Lord for the first time during worship at JG events.  We know that the involvement of all Three Persons of the Holy Trinity into every part of what we do makes the difference between having a good humanitarian event or seeing lives changed and empowered for eternity. ​


Do the parents/families pay for camp? If so, why do you have to raise additional funds?

       The price we charge per youth participant for a 3-6 day camp ranges between $100-$200.  Anyone who has sent their child to a quality youth camp in the USA recognizes that the cost is very reasonable—in fact, the cost is less than half of our actual cost per person to hold a camp.  Throghout the year, we raise $300 per student to cover their additional costs and raise 75% of the cost of bus transportation. Our staff, volunteers and interns raise their own travel and expenses. If we were to charge the actual cost, we would not have to raise funds, but only a very small percentage of families would be able to afford to send their child(ren.)  It has always been our goal to reach as many youth as possible, so fundraising is essential.


What is the greatest expense for the camps? What is additional fundraising pay for? 

       Without exception, transportation is the greatest expense we incur.  We realize that we are serving teenagers from multiple military bases.  We raise funds to pay for 80% or more of the chartered bus service and provide 75% of the actual cost of the camps, so the parents only incur a fraction in their camp fees. The workers raise funds or pay their own way to the events.  But, we must raise funds to offset the transportation for youth coming from the military bases.  Youth in England. parts of Italy and the Benelux are usually sponsored fully as their parents have the transportaiton expense (outside of our bus service.)  For youth from Guam or Korea to fly to the camp in Japan, they are also fully sponsored.  For each one-week summer camp, the transportation expense is generally between $15,000 to $25,000 depending on the number of participants and length of the event. 
       We also provide financial aid “camperships” for families with need and a discounts for families with multiple youth attending.  Typically, 15% to 20% of all the youth require a full campership.
       These expenses are compounded as the currency exchange rates fluctuate. 


If I want to come on a short term mission trip or as an intern, what is the process?

  1. First, contact JG directors at the contact information listed, so that they can talk through your questions and discuss which event you’d best be suited for.

  2. A worker application (available for download on and must be filled out and returned, with the Pastoral Recommendation block filled in and signed. 

  3. A criminal background check will be performed.

  4. You will receive a mission packet with a sample fund-raising letter and we will help you set fundraising goals and strategize on fundraisers you and your team (if you are coming with a group) can do. 

  5. You must receive your current pastors recommendation.

  6. If training can be done in person, we will come to you.  If not, we have trainings via internet webinar.

  7. As we get close to the event, we will help you or your group with any travel arrangements.


How much does it cost?

       The expense varies by which event you are wanting to work at.  Typically, a individual coming from the USA to serve at a one-week mission trip either in Europe or Japan will need to raise betwen $800-$1500 plus airfare.  The amount varies based on the event location, time of year, and the price of airline tickets varies depending on your departure airport in the USA and when you purchase your ticket. For a mission or internship packet, please contact us directly.


Who will help me when I arrive in Europe or the Far East (Japan, South Korea, Guam)? 

       We have wonderful Freedom Outreach MTTM team members on the ground in any of the locations to assist you and help transport you to the event.  During the camp, and the days just before or after, we will ensure that you have lodging, food, and transportation provided as part of your overall mission expense.  We are available to assist you as much or little as you need.


Are there opportunities to travel and tour before, during, or after the camps?  

       During the camps, we ask that all of our workers be 100% committed to the event from the moment it begins until it ends (and it ends for the workers when the camp gear is packed, all the youth have been transported home, and the facility is cleaned and turned back in).  There are opportunities to sightsee and it works best for people to do that after the event is over.  We typically organize group outings before, after and between camps. We do ask that you ensure (and reassure your donors) that your funds for the ministry mission are kept separate from your private funds for travel and tourism.  We cannot give tax-credit for donations unless they go strictly to the actual work.  However, the biggest expense is your airfare and any additional travel costs after the camp will be minimal.  It is a great opportunity to visit new places and experience the culture and history there. The average mission team member or intern spends 2-5 days of cultural travel/tourism per trip.