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What is Jacob's Generation?

       Freedom Outreach MTTM serves the military through various ministries which include: Family, Children, Youth, Single’s, Hispanic, Outreach Services, and Veterans Ministries. “Jacob’s Generation” (JG) is the name of the 

Children, Youth and Families Department.


       Why Jacob?  As we read the biblical story of Jacob, we see a man who was given a negative label at birth, and who lived up to his own and others low expectations.  He became the “trickster,” “heel-grabber” and “supplanter” that his name describes.  In Genesis 32, Jacob is distressed as he is forced to face the mistakes of his past.  That night, the Lord visits Jacob and wrestles with him until daybreak, when Jacob famously holds on and exclaims, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!”  The Lord did bless Jacob and changed his name, his identity.  From that moment on, he became Israel. 


       JG events create an environment where youth are presented the truth of God’s word and have an opportunity to interact with the Person of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, and like Jacob, to overcome the low expectations in this worldly culture find their true identity in Christ. 

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