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How can I help?

       JacobsGen, and the parent organization, FOI/MTTM, are non-profit ministries staffed, primarily, by dedicated unpaid volunteers.  Due to the nature of military ministries, many of our military volunteers and their families rotate out of Europe and the Far East every 3-4 years.  Though JG has a “core” team in each overseas theater, a need for USA-based short-term missionaries is constant.  Each year, JG leaders cultivate new short-term mission teams to support the overseas events, especially to support the large summer camps: European Summer Camps (one week Middle School & one week High School) for two weeks each June, with the Children's Camp in July in Germany and the Far East Summer Camp for children and teens held each August in Okinawa, Japan or S. Korea.

       Additionally, as a donor supported non-profit, JG must cultivate financial partners—individuals and churches, to help underwrite the expenses of serving youth in such an expansive area, especially those stationed with their parents in remote overseas military communities.  It is our goal in 2020 is to raise over $200,000 which will enable us to continue to serve nearly 1,200 individuals each year and to fund a part-time position for Coordinator of European Youth Ministries, and to provide a much needed part-time administrator position.  Reaching our fundraising goal will also enable us to provide additional youth leader training and ministry resources to partner churches near military installations.  Please consider how you can help financially or by networking with individuals and churches you are affiliated with.

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